Nile Shriners present

Seattle's Only Haunted Golf Corpse.
October 2014: 10-11, 17-18, 23-25, 30-31
Plus, return for "Fright Light Night"
(flashlights/cell phone lights only)
on Saturday, Nov. 1st!
Avoid the sand traps!


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Nile Haunted House

The Shriners first haunted the golf course grounds in 2011, growing bigger and scarier year after year.

Formerly Nile Haunted House

Nile Shriners first began haunting in 2011.

The entire Nile Haunted House show was produced by a very small handful of Shriners and staffed on show nights with Masonic youth groups. Thousands of guests flocked to the Nile to revel in the mystique of Halloween. All was good, but there was room for improvement.

During this time, another group of haunters had been treating Halloween fanatics to 3D blacklight scares. They began in a small commercial space in Bothell and migrated to a much larger Snohomish farm in 2012. They were an experienced and educated bunch traveling out of state regularly for haunted house conventions. They went by the name of Haunted Nightmare and truly appreciated the finer nuances of scaring the living daylights out of people. Various challenges during that 2012 season however, including the weather and remote location, led them to, once again, seek a new location in 2013. Having met the Nile team at Seattle's Crypticon Horror Convention, the Haunted Nightmare team considered how their experience, coupled with the Nile's prime I-5 location, could come together to create one of the best Halloween events in the area.

...And thus, a partnership was born.


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